House Of Vans Rebrand

Established in 2010, House Of Vans has been a cultural hub where the Vans brand value of creativity comes to life in physical form. With permanent locations and temporary pop-ups that take place around the world, House Of Vans has become a respected hub of creative community, hosting free concerts, art workshops, skate clinics, and a litany of other creative events.

With House Of Vans turning 10 years old in 2020, I was tasked with giving the brand a fresh, flexible new visual identity and design system with the aim of re-energizing House Of Vans for another decade of fostering and supporting creativity in the communities that surround it.

Consider the poster-lined walls of DIY venues, concert hall entryways, and big-city construction barricades. Caked with layers of paper, paste, and self-importance, these walls give texture to their environment and provide evidence of something once meaningful. Similarly, stamped hands and ticket stubs are next-day artifacts of last night’s exploits. With this in mind, I chose to approach the new House Of Vans visual language with familiar elements that represent things to come, with residue of what came before.

Role: Art Direction, Design

Creative Director: Matt Even